6 things you should be aware of

No all customers are technically expert. And the biggest problem with the Web Design Industry is that some web design agencies exploit the lack of knowledge of the customers and play unethical tactics with customers. As a result, many customers avoid ordering a professional websites and the loss is to be carried by the honest Web Design Agencies, too.

1. The Domain Name Issues

Every website needs to be connected to a Domain Name. This Domain Name hardly costs around {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.domain_peryear}} per year. And on the Domain Names, there should be only Client's (one who orders Website Design) rights, so that if in future; he wants to move to other Web Design Service provider, he can do so.

But many web design agencies purchase the Domain Names themselves and keep all the rights of the Domain Name with them. Thus legally, they are the owner of the Domain Name. When clients ask the agencies to transfer the rights of the Domain Names to them, they either simply deny or ask them to pay higher prices.

The Domain Names must be purchased by the Clients to avoid issues. Don't let the agencies purchase it on behalf of you!

2. Templatic Website

Many web design agencies nowadays cheat customers by providing them templatic websites. They download readymade design templates for your website, and just fit your contents inside the templates and deliver you as a Website. The main disadvantage of this approach is that a single design can be seen across many websites. What's the benefit of having a design when someone tell you that you copied someone else? Also, these types of websites don't rank well on Google.

One more risk in having a Templatic Website is that some Website Template Providers want you to give them credits in your website. That means, you have to put a link to their websites in your webpages. Failing to do so is infringement of laws.

3. Web Hosting Charges

With Website Design Agencies, you pay them for Website Design once. But for Web Hosting, you have to pay them separately every year (ranging from {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.others_webhosting_min}} to {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.others_webhosting_max}}).

At Oktosite, Web Hosting is totally free for lifetime.

4. No Customization

Mostly all Web Design Agencies, create the designs only once. And then you have to accept that design. They either don't alter the design as per your requirement or if they do, you are charged separately for that. As a result you get a cluttered and hurrily-developed website.

5. No all orders Get Delivered

There is a high ratio of disputes with Cheap Web Designers. Some of the projects get stopped in the middle of the progress or they are not delivered up to your satisfaction.

6. Copy-pasted artwork

Many web design agencies steal the copyrighted contents and photographs from other websites and put them on your website with no or little modification. This is a law infringement. Anybody can file a DMCA complaint against you. As a result, your website will permanently banned from being displayed on Google as well as there are significant chances you get trapped in legal issues.