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  • Mailbox for Lifetime

    No frequent renewal charges annually. Just one time payment and your Mailbox is forever.

  • Unlimited Space

    Unlike many other business email services, you get Unlimited Space in your Mailbox.

  • Connect with existing email ID

    If you already have an email ID, you can use our Mailbox from within that email.

Get a Mailbox for lifetime! with Unlimited Space! connected with your existing address!

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12 Free Widgets with Mailbox

Email Delivery Notification

Mailbox has a built-in Email Delivery Notifications feature which notifies you when your email reaches recipients server.

Email Scheduling

Mailbox has email scheduling option. Very useful to schedule Merry Christmas emails in advance before you get busy in parties.

Create Email Templates

The one click sending email templates can sometimes save a lot of time while replying to emails and very useful for businesses.

Unlimited Space

Store terrabytes of data with Mailbox. You don't need to delete old emails since you will never run out of space.

Identify Unknown Senders

When an unknown sender sends you an email, Mailbox automatically fetches his info from Social Media and other email servers.

SMS Copies

When composing new emails you can ask the Mailbox to send you a link to your email’s copy as an SMS for free.

Reply-Wait Reminders

Mailbox has an option to set reminder to send another email if your friend haven’t replied to your first email.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mailbox has several keyboard shortcuts for power users for fast typing and exploring the features of Mailbox.

SPF and DKIM Signatures

The emails sent from Mailbox never go to spam box/junk mail folder (until the mail itself is not a spam) since it is SPF & DKIM verified.

Gmail for Business v/s. Mailbox

Features Gmail for Business Mailbox
Space Limit 30 GB [as of Sep, 2023] Unlimited
Email Delivery Notification No Yes
Email Scheduling No Yes
Email Templates No Yes
Identify Unknown Senders No Yes
Reply-Wait Reminders No Yes
Pricing {{global.symbol}} {{}} (plus taxes) per user per year
[as of Sep, 2023. Check here ]
{{global.symbol}} {{global.prices.mailbox_peruser}} (no taxes) per user for lifetime


  • An email address like [email protected] looks more professional than regular Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail email.
  • Creates an impression before people that your company has its own server, which in turn makes you look self-dependent, more reliable and trustable company.
  • Regular Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook mails have some sort of limitations such as limited storage space. Mailbox have none of these restrictions.
  • Since the Mailbox is SPF and DKIM verified, the legitimate emails sent with it never go to spam box/junk mail folder of the recipient.
  • It impresses people with a big company image and looks better and bigger than your competitors.

Yes! You can integrate it with any mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Eudora etc. Mailbox works the same way your regular email address works.

No. After your purchase, your Mailbox never expires. You can use it for lifetime.

All About the Mailbox

Your current email address might be in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any other email service provider. Having Mailbox is similar to having your own email service like these. That's why if your domain name for your website is, your email address may be something like [email protected] or [email protected].

After your purchase, your Mailbox never expires. You can use it for lifetime.

You don't need to leave your current email address

Suppose your current email address is [email protected] and Mailbox address is [email protected]. You can log in to [email protected] and send an email from [email protected]. Moreover, all your emails received by [email protected] (Mailbox) can be read through [email protected]. To know more, Contact us.