SSL Configuration

at {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.ssl}} per website per year

  • Virus and Hacking Protection

    Protect your site against Virus, and other malicious codes as well as from hackers.

  • {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.ssl_warranty}} Warranty

    Your site is insured with warranty in case of any hacker breaks our SSL security.

  • Increase Rank on Google

    A Website with SSL is shown prior than the non-SSL website in Google Search Results.
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HTTPS Website

Automatic HTTPS prefix and the green padlock icon before the URLs of your website.

2048-bit encryption

The strongest on the market, the 2048-bit encryption is virtually unbreakable by hackers.

Adds trust in your customers

Most visitors look for the https prefix in their browser as a sign of reliability.


There are mainly 4 benefits of an SSL:

  • An SSL thwarts virus, malicious codes, hackers and many other potential threats away from your website.
  • An SSL gives you a warranty of {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.ssl_warranty}} against its security.
  • Google has confirmed that the sites with SSL (HTTPS sites) get better rankings in search results.
  • SSL adds reliability of your website among your customers.

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected page on your website, their browser bar displays a green padlock icon and the https prefix in the address bar. Many internet users look for these SSL indicators. Thus an SSL is like a green light for the visitors saying You're good to go with this site! Trust them!.

SSLs are not sold for lifetime. They are sold per year per website basis.

All About SSL (Secure Socket Layer):

  • The URL of a website without SSL configuration starts with http. For example,
  • The URL of a website with SSL configuration starts with https. For example,
  • The browsers show a green padlock icon like before the name of the website with SSL configuration.
  • Even if the user explicitly doesn't type the URL with https in his browser's address bar , it will automatically put the trailing s after http
  • Most of all the reputed websites with big brand names e.g.,,, have SSL installed in their websites. You can see the green padlock icons before their URLs in your browser.
  • is also a Website with an SSL.