CMS Integration

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  • Update your website yourself

    No need to call us or send emails to update the contents on your website. Do it yourself.

  • Add unlimited Pages

    Add as many pages as you want in your website. You've got an unlimited supply.

  • No coding skills required

    You don't have to manually code the pages of your website in HTML. The CMS does it all itself.

Update your website at any time

Whether it is day or night, you're using a desktop in your office or your smartphone lying on the bed; the CMS works 24x7.

Unlimited Updates

You can update the website as many times as you want. No restrictions on the number of times you'll update.

No Annual Charges

Like our most products, no frequent renewal charges annually. Just one time payment and your CMS is forever.


CMS allows you to update your website with latest information easily without any coding. The coding part is automatically done by the CMS. You can update your website instantly without requesting us to do that and wait for our reply.

When you order usWebsite Design, we update the contents on your website for free for 1 year (maximum once per month) upon your request. If you need to update the contents of the websites more frequently, for example,

  • To update the pricelists
  • To update the new products arrivals
  • To add new offers for your customers
  • To update your organization activities, achievements and events
  • To update new projects and portfolio etc.
you need a CMS.

Absolutely Yes! CMS is an optional product that comes bundled with the Website. You don't have to purchase it if you don't want.

All about CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. Basically, CMS is a Software that allows you to

  • Add new pages in your website
  • Update the existing contents on the pages of your website
  • Delete the entire pages or some contents on a page of your website

Here the 'contents' may be anything: Be it raw-text content, documents, videos, images, audio files or any binary file.